About Us
SisBro Industries, Inc. sells and manufactures Write On Car Markers, an all-purpose windshield marker that is a national best seller for 30 years! 

Our car marker was developed in 1977 by Row-Clay Industries, Inc. to fulfill a need associated with the temporary marking of the "get-away" car by newly married couples. The product was created to take the place of once commonly used products such as soap, shaving foam, paint, and shoe polish. Many of these are harmful to paint finishes and hard to remove. 

Extensive testing and research went into the creation of Write On Car Markers. They have passed rigorous testing on a variety of conditions, temperatures and auto paint finishes; all with positive results. Our car markers are tested and proven to be non-toxic and non-corrosive. The formula is truly temporary and wipes off easily with water. No soap is necessary! Making clean up fast and easy.

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